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Florida Fishing License – For residents and non-residents

Florida comprises more than 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and over 2,200 miles of tidal shoreline. That’s a lot of places to find fish in, and it comes as no surpise that over 2 million people try their luck catching fish in the Sunshine State every year. But before you start dropping your lures in

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Best Places to fish in Florida Keys

Best places to fish in Florida Keys

The Sunshine State is well known for its fishing and Florida Keys streching from Key Largo in the north all the way down to Key West in the south offers some really good fishing every day of the year.Florida Keys are known to host well over 50 different fishing tournaments each year and even if

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The definitive guide to fishing catfish

The beginners guide to fishing catfish

Catfish is found in almost every state so there’s plenty of them to go around. No matter in what region you live, there are catfish waiting to be caught. Fishing for catfish is a lot of fun, mainly because of their size and how well they tend to fight back. But the reward is worth

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Best Kids’ Fishing Poles

Buying the first fishing pole for your kid is really something special. We have curated a list for your convenience so that you can find a fishing pole for your child no matter his or her age.Kids grow really fast, so it’s important to find a fishing pole that it a good fit for their

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Teach your kids to fish
Best Kids Fishing Poles 2020

Our curated list of the best fishing poles and rods available for kids.

Islamorada, FL
Florida Keys Fishing Guide

If you're heading to Florida Keys to fish, this is the guide you need.

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Fish Species in the US

We have collected over 600+ different fish species in the United States with data that shows how edible they are. Everything sortable and searchable.

Fishing Licenses

If you’re heading out fishing there are a lot of rules and regulations you have to follow pending where in the country you live. These guides will fill you in, no matter in you’re a state resident or a visitor.

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